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If you choose Yes for "Words adjacent," you can type in the phrase stamp act and the system will only locate records that have the word stamp NEXT to the word act.

Lowercase letters will find matches of capitalized words also. For example, abolition will find matches for abolition, Abolition and ABOLITION.

You may use the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT in your search string. For example, you could type (proprietary OR popular) AND medicine to retrieve all records having proprietary or popular in them, together with the word medicine.

Hint Use the ? character to find matches that contain portions of words. For example, slave? will retrieve slave, slaves, slavery, slaveholders, etc. In another example, ? manship will retrieve penmanship, horsemanship, workmanship, etc. The ? character may also be used to find variant spellings. For example, lab?r will find both labor and labour.

Hint To connect to a linked digital reproduction, click on the icon. After reading the copyright statement, click on the icon again to open the digital reproduction.

Hint The Form/Genre index can also be used to find books with significant characteristics such as type of binding or illustration, provenance evidence, and publication features such as subscription lists. For a list of commonly used genre terms, click here:

Hint The Library Company holds significant collections of materials related to African-American history, women's history and gender studies, philanthropy and charitable endeavors, public and private education, the economy of early America, early American medicine, science, and technology, and 19th-century Philadelphia iconography. To learn more about these collections, click here: